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We provide U.S. and international creative monitoring, competitive spending and media usage data, multicultural ad tracking, co-op ad tracking, ad verification services and ad content analysis for use in predictive modeling.
Our archive contains over 11 million ads from North America and over 60 countries around the world. In the U.S. we monitor 22 offline, online and emerging media.

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  • Custom view of creatives and media spending in real-time
  • Graphics highlighting key trends and detailed cross-media spending within 3 days
  • Sort ads by spending and drill down for detail by market and media outlet
  • On your desktop or tablet when you're on the go
TOP 10

Over a quarter of the mobile ads we captured came from just three industries. Retail advertisers ran the most creative during the period (over 1,700), followed by more than 1,000 ads each from entertainment/media and technology advertisers. The top 10 advertiser categories are presented [below]. Unlike some emerging media that have been limited to “early adopters,” the initial users of mobile advertising appear to be drawn from a broader range of industries and advertisers. This more diverse adoption may be attributed to the fact that mobile media are relevant to a very broad range of advertisers, as opposed to some touchpoints that only reach niche audiences. This may also indicate that the mobile advertising space is perceived as more of a “sure thing” than other emerging media, so historically risk-averse advertisers may be more willing to dip a toe in the water.

TOP 15

Although it is a relatively new medium, interest in mobile advertising is soaring. Thousands of top tier advertisers—drawn from a diverse range of industries—are now investing in the medium. Of the top 100 advertisers across all media, we found that 94 of the advertisers ran mobile ads in the previous 9 months. Adoption is also high among smaller advertisers, as 64% of the top 1,000 brands used mobile advertisements during the same period.

In the last 9 months, we have compiled mobile ads from more than 2,100 leading national and regional advertisers. During this period, Amazon was the most active mobile advertiser, running over 200 mobile creative executions. Toyota followed close behind with just under 200 ads, while Google ran over 160 creatives during the period.

To give these numbers some context, it’s helpful to assess how these top three advertisers used online display ads during the same period. We captured 955 display ads from Amazon during this time, and Toyota and Google each also ran about 20% as many mobile ads as online display ads. Considering that online display ads have been an established medium for well over a decade, this seems to suggest that advertisers are confident in the potential for the emerging medium of mobile advertisements.

U.S. and Canada Creative Monitoring
  • US and Canada Creative Monitoring

    360º view of competitive landscape, with online access to high quality images and detailed occurrence information for ads running across 22 media.

  • FastTrack

    Weekly reporting of key TV, Print, Radio, Online Display and Online Video data 3 days after the close of the week. The fastest data available anywhere.

Co-op & Ad Content Analysis
  • Co-op & Ad Content Analysis

    Custom retail ad tracking, proof-of-performance, and ad content monitoring for use in predictive modeling programs. Available for all monitored media.

Competitive Spending
  • Competitive Spending

    Timely, detailed and fully customizable competitive spending. Can be tailored by competitors, lines of business, media, geographic coverage and more. Linked creative and spend.

International Monitoring
  • International Monitoring

    Download creative from 6 continents and over 60 countries. Multi-country media spending reporting also available on a custom basis.

Multicultural Advertising
  • FastTrack

    Competitive creative and spending data for Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American target audiences. Track by company, brand, media channel, language and more.

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